Selling a home is a big decision. It's not just about putting your stuff in storage, it's an emotional one.

If you're ready to sell, here are 10 things you should do before listing your home:

1. Make a list of everything that has to be done before you can get rid of the property. This will help you prioritize the tasks that need to be done first, so you don't waste your time on them.

2. Decide what price range you're comfortable with and work within that range when pricing the property for sale. You don't want to low ball it or overprice it because no one wants to overpay for something they can get for less elsewhere!

3. Do some research into how much homes in your neighborhood are selling for and what their histories are like — this will help give you a sense of how much your house is worth and if there are any problems with the property that could impact buyer interest (like a roof leak or issues with termites).

4. Set up an online presence so interested buyers can find out more about the property without having to visit in person (which can take hours away from any negotiations). You can use tools like or Zillow's tool.

5. Create an online document of all important information about your home — from maintenance records to pictures of rooms — so potential buyers can quickly get a feel for what the house looks like when they come over for a showing or open house. This will help them decide on whether they want to see more details about the property or move on immediately without seeing anything else at all

6. Start listing on all the MLSs in your area, including those that aren't local but still in your state or province (i.e., Toronto homes). You'll want to list at least twice a week until sold or close escrow (depending on circumstances) so that it will be difficult for a potential buyer to pass up your home if they come across it on their own or through other channels (i.e., friends and family). The more often you list, the better chance you have of selling quickly for top dollar!

7. Take pictures of every part of the house and note any repairs you might need to make or improvements that need to be made before listing it for sale. Be sure to include pictures of all windows, doors and plumbing fixtures in case buyers ask about them when they're touring the house.

8. Decide whether or not you want to sell through an online portal like or Zillow Houses (to avoid dealing directly with buyers), then create an ad that highlights what makes this particular property unique — such as its location near public transit or schools — so potential buyers understand why they should consider buying there.

9. Make Room for New Inventory

Even if you're not planning on moving into another house anytime soon, it's still important to make room for new inventory by taking out any furniture that isn't needed anymore or selling off any belongings that don't fit into your new home (i..e., antiques).

10. Repair Any Issues With Your Home

If there are any problems with the house itself, fix them before listing it for sale in order to save yourself some time later on down the line during negotiations with buyers who may be interested in purchasing your house at full price or below asking price (if you're desperate enough!). Also, make sure that all repairs have been made at least six months before listing because most buyers won't wait until after that point before making an offer on their dream home!

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