Vancouver is located in the balmy Lower Mainland of British Columbia. It has the highest population for the province, but even at 600,000 people, that is still far less than most major urban centres. As a coastal seaport city, it has warmer year-round temperatures than the rest of Canada as well as stunning land, sea, and mountain views that are hard to find anywhere else.

All of this makes it ideally situated for those who want an urban life close to outdoor activities. So, should you buy real estate in Vancouver?


Vancouver ranks high when it comes to livability. Many of the preferred neighbourhoods such as the West End, Kerrisdale, and Main offer excellent amenities like retail and restaurants. They are also close to parks…

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Whether you are a first-time home-buyer or a current homeowner looking to downsize, more than likely you will be viewing houses or attending open houses while searching for the perfect home. Regardless of how experienced you are with home buying and home owning, there are always things that are missed when going through the house hunting and home buying process.

We reached out to our RE/MAX Influencers – a panel consisting of RE/MAX sales associates throughout Canada – to find out some of the top things that you should do and look for when viewing a home or an open house.

Slow down & take your time

Buying a house is your biggest investment, so why wouldn’t you want to slow down and take your time when viewing a property? Our Influencers noted…

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