Are you considering becoming a real estate agent? Perhaps real estate is what you always wanted to do with your life, but did not think you were ready for. Or perhaps, like many other career opportunities, it's something that did not even cross your mind until recently. Regardless of your reason for wanting to become an agent, there are some things you should know about success and failure in the real estate industry before jumping in headfirst. 

Real estate agents fail because they don't do the basics right. They don't understand the process and they don't know how to execute it properly.

Here are some of the most common reasons real estate agents fail: 

They don't have a strategy. Agents need a plan for every single step of the process from listing to closing. They should have a strategy for each step, down to what kind of marketing will work best for their listing. 

They don’t know how to sell. The best agents understand how to sell, but they also know how to negotiate on behalf of their clients and find them the best deals possible. 

They lack follow-up skills. Many agents rely on cold calls and referrals from friends and family members, but they don't follow up once they've made contact with someone new or if they're not getting leads fast enough. It's important that you follow up with people who are interested in your services so that you can create more opportunities for yourself as an agent and increase your revenue over time! 

The answer is simple. Real estate agents are not real estate agents. They are salespeople, and they fail because they don't sell you a product that you want. 

Real estate agents do not sell houses. They sell the idea of buying a house, which is an illusion. The only thing that really matters as far as real estate transactions go is whether or not the buyer wants to buy your house. If he doesn't, then don't sell him your house! 

Real estate is a commodity like any other commodity in the market place: it's worth what someone else is willing to pay for it at any given time. And like all other commodities, its value changes over time based on supply and demand. 

If there's no supply available for sale in your neighborhood, then there will be no buyers for your property either. If this happens often enough, then eventually prices will fall until a point where people won't buy them anymore either (foreclosure). If this happens often enough over time, then eventually nobody will buy them anymore period (eviction). 

Real estate executives, sales associates and marketers spend countless hours studying the art and craft of real estate successfully. However, the average agent does not make it very long in the business. Most experts believe that it is because they do not understand why they fail. They fail to understand that most new agents fail. Failures are an inherent part of the real estate profession; so many people have to fail before you succeed. The reason for this is that the average agent cannot handle people like a professional should.

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