You've found the perfect home, but before you make an offer, there are some things you should look out for when viewing a property.

1. Check the roof:

If you're lucky enough to have your inspection done on a sunny day, this should be easy. However, if you're in a rainy part of the country – or it's just been raining – then getting a good look at the roof may be difficult. If you have any concerns about the roof's condition, ask your estate agent to arrange a private viewing so that you can get up high and take a look.

2. Check the Gutters

You might think that gutters don't need much attention unless they're overflowing with leaves and debris, but this isn't true. The state of your gutters will tell you about how well maintained your roof is – if they're full of rubbish, then chances are there's plenty more inside too!

3. Check for Damp Patches

If there are any damp patches on walls or ceilings in rooms that aren't used often (especially those on upper floors), this could be evidence of problems with windows or doors being left open by mistake during rainstorms. If this happens regularly and has been going on for a while, the property may have major issues with its drainage system. This can be expensive to fix, so check it out before you buy!

4. Notice if There Are Any Strange Smells

Smells can tell you a lot about how well a property is kept and what kind of people lived there before. If strange smells are coming from the drains, toilets, or drains, it's likely that the drains haven't been cleaned properly for some time and will need professional attention if you want them to work properly again. You'll also want to make sure that no damp patches or musty smells are present in any bathrooms or kitchens; these are usually signs of mold growth which will cost more money to fix than simply buying a new house!

5. Whether There Are Any Issues With Electricity Or Water Supply

This is an absolute must, especially if you buy a property that needs renovation. If there are issues with either of these, fixing or replacing them can be quite costly. The property may look great on the outside, but this is one of the most important things to check before making an offer. You don't want to end up in a situation where you have to pay for repairs after buying the property!

6. If There Are Any Pests In The House (Eg, Mice Or Ants)

Another thing that you should check when viewing a property is whether or not there are any pests inside the house, such as mice or ants. If there are pests, then it means that they were able to enter through holes and cracks in walls, windows, and doors which means that they will also be able to get back in if they want to! This could become an expensive problem, so make sure that you check thoroughly before deciding about buying the house!

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the more common things that can cause problems with your property. Aside from these, you may come across some other issues. You will need to assess whether they are significant to you, significant enough to mean you shouldn't make an offer or something that is possible to put right (which could even be considered a bargaining chip). Other things include:- The property is over-heated, causing damage to the floor or creating mold and condensation; this can be seen by checking for wall patches or cracked and discolored plaster walls which reveal the insulation behind, and by looking for condensation on windows.


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