Raman Virdi, Agent

My name is Raman, I am a local realtor in the lower mainland.  A little background on me, I grew up in Surrey, and graduated high-school in 2015. After I had graduated, I went into electrical and learned a lot about housing, framing and construction by always being around it. Not just that, I also have expertise in sales when it comes to negotiating such as whether it is selling furniture, insurance or now being the case real estate. Biggest investment of consumers' life. It’s safe to say when you have me on your side, you know I am the guy who knows what he is talking about in terms of getting you the best price for your house, negotiating for your dream home or whether or not you are looking for an investment property. 

By having a mentor like Jag Sidhu by my side and a team of 15, we have a lot of experience and clientele that we had built over the years by providing phenomenal services and making sure our clients are making the best decision. 

Yours truly,

Office Location: #306 5300 54A Avenue, Surrey

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